The Next Step - Photo Updates

  • Turning of the Sod

    Turning of the Sod

    On Monday 8th October we took the first monumental steps towards a new Fair Havens Hospice.

  • workers on site pouring foundations in

    Concrete Foundations

    In January 2019 the concrete foundations were poured into the ground for the new Fair Havens Hospice.

  • Louise McKay and Sally Bridger on site

    Installation of the In-patient unit steel frame

    On Thursday 24th January the steel frame for the In patient unit was installed.

  • Fair Havens early bedroom

    Sale of current Fair Havens Hospice

    In February 2019 we put our iconic buildings in Chalkwell up for sale as we prepare to move premises.

  • Crane on site in Feb 19

    Site progress - February

    Developments on site in February included the precast flooring for the In Patient Unit.

  • Pupil laying bricks

    Bournes Green Junior School visit

    On Thursday 21st March, a local junior school joined builders at the site of new Fair Havens Hospice.

  • stairs being lifted into place

    Installation of the stairs

    In March 2019 the construction team started installing the five-tonne stairwell sections into the new Fair Havens Hospice.

  • construction of site

    Site progress – March

    Developments on site in March included the start of constructing the external walls for the in-patient unit.

  • Staff on site of NFH

    BTMK Solicitors and Ayers & Cruiks site visit

    BTMK Solicitors have joined forces with Ayers & Cruiks to raise money for new Fair Havens. In April they visited ...

  • site frame progress

    Site Progress - April

    Developments on site in April included the roof trusses being constructed.

  • new fair havens champions on site

    New Fair Havens Champions Site Visit

    In May our new Fair Havens champions visited the site to see the latest progress.

  • outside of Day Hospice

    Site Progress - May

    Developments on site in May included the brick walls starting to be built.

  • roof of new fair havens

    Site Progress - June

    Developments on site in June included installation of solar panels and mapping out the rooms.

  • IPU outside

    Site Progress - July

    Developments on site in July included internal walls being built within the new In-Patient Unit.

  • IPU bedroom

    Site Progress - August

    Developments on site in August included windows being fitted within the In-Patient Unit.

  • Last tile being fitted

    'Topping Out' Event

    On Wednesday 21st August, the last piece of the roof was fixed in place at the new Fair Havens Hospice ...

  • Wide corridor at new Fair Havens

    Site Progress - September

    In September the building was officially watertight so work commenced on the inside of the building.

  • outside of new Fair havens

    Site Progress - October

    Developments of site in October included work on the landscaping of the hospice gardens