Brian's Story

Jean and brian
For us, Fair Havens is the most special place, but it could be so much better.
Brian was diagnosed with Emphysema, a severe lung condition, in 2002. In 2012 as his illness worsened he started to attend Fair Havens Day Hospice, and latterly Fair Havens In Patient Unit, where he died in January 2016.  

“The morning Brian died all the family went into the small family lounge, it was a very traumatic time and my head was spinning. Another family came in with a young child and they were chatting and getting on with their day. All we wanted was a quiet space to come to terms with what had just happened, but there was nowhere else we could go. Something as simple as more quiet spaces for families to go and be together will make such a difference at the new Fair Havens Hospice."

“Brian lived with the condition a lot longer than he should have done. He fought really hard but he said to me ‘I’ve had enough now.’ Before he died Fair Havens made him comfortable and we all just waited, watching him. There were 15 of us around his bed. It took a few minutes before he passed away. I asked if I could have a prayer for him and one of the nurses did it. It was so personal, it was lovely." 

“It was a sad time but it was so lovely that everyone who wanted to be there was there. How lucky, if you can call it that. He wanted to die there, he knew he’d be looked after, and we couldn’t have wished for more."

“For us, Fair Havens is the most special place, but it could be so much better."

“Brian was moved to a bigger bedroom with a window five days before he died. Before that he was in a small room where the bed faced the wall. Even the Nurses said it wasn’t good to be in such a small bedroom for someone who struggles with their breathing." 

“A larger purpose built building which could stand proud in the community for years to come and help people in their time of need is a necessity." 

“The future of hospice care is within our hands, the other option doesn’t bare thinking about.”

Jean, Brian’s Wife

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